A great replacement for a box full of cigarette burdening your pockets a sleek simple and stylish-looking device powered with rechargeable batteries and refillable tanks of fluid are now part of your modern life. Its more about style rather than just smoke puffs. Its handy, slim in design simpler in use and odorless or producing amazing refreshing and enchanting orders making ambience pleasant with refreshing aroma. Now you don’t have to take hassle of finding a proper smoking area avoiding people to smoke because e cigarette don’t produce noxious orders. If we talk about the functionality e cigarette have two important parts i.e. batteries and e juice container, assembled in the form of Vape Pen, Mods, or vape that depends upon your requirement or the style you like more. Functionality is quiet simper e juice in the container is heated up to higher temperatures i.e. from 90 to 200 degrees to produce vapors. You have full control over nicotine and the amount and vapor output you want to inhale if you are a pro and want to keep them on higher ends you have an option to keep higher temperature settings. While if you are a moderator you can use nicotine free e juice and the lower temperature settings for lower vapor outputs. Vaping could be great alternative for smokers as it provide instant satisfaction and fulfill your cravings quiet conveniently. Lets make our environment better lets switch to vaping.